The Biggest Breakthrough in online payments since PayPal

Streaming Money

4 min readNov 21, 2022


“The first secret of design is… NOTICING” — Tony Fadell, one of the creators of the original iPod, and founder and former CEO of Nest Labs.

We humans get used to the things around us really fast. So fast, that we quickly start assuming a new status quo, not being able to notice any limitations because well, “that’s how things are”. This phenomenon is known as habituation.

Online payments are outdated

There are some serious flaws in online payments today, yet very few companies and users have noticed them:

  • The need for authorizing every single payment through different gateways, redirecting the user to a non-familiar website. Not only does it interrupt the user experience, but it also creates hesitation and trust issues with users when asked to input their credit card data so often.
  • Most payment processors pricing models charge around 2% to 3%, and on top of that, they include a base fee, normally around $0.30, that makes micropayments inviable on the internet.
  • All current “modern” payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal etc. ultimately just apply some internal business rules and create beautiful APIs or user experiences on top of existing and outdated traditional payment systems that involve many hops, participants and jurisdictions. This makes their systems slow, expensive and more vulnerable to fraud.

We got used to the limitations

We all have to suffer the effects of these limitations every single day, but over the years we have gotten used to things like:

  • YouTube holds your ad revenue and superchats hostage until you reach a certain minimum — then wait a few days until it hits your bank.
  • Making initial deposits in online casinos or sports betting sites, paying a huge fee to cash out to our bank account.
  • Buying virtual currencies to then be able to make smaller purchases inside a video game. Your money is trapped.
  • Landing on an interesting article through social media only to discover it’s for premium subscribers only— yo, we just met! let me read it first!

Money goes live

What if we could set money free? What if money could just “go live”? We live in 2022. We can stream 4K video and live anywhere in the world… What if money could be streamed instantly, worldwide, with very low fees?

  • YouTube could reward content creators by the cent, by the second.
  • No need to make initial deposits anywhere, just pay as you go from a single balance securely shared across multiple apps and games.
  • Virtual currencies would be a thing of the past, you could just use your money from your wallet on any game, and pay and get paid by other users. We could have horizontal economies inside games!
  • The New York Times could just add a “Pay $0.25 to Read” button next to the sign up for their subscriptions — don’t leave money on the table!

You don’t have to wait much longer! We made it possible, today.

HandCash is where money goes live. We made it possible to stream money across apps and games at lightning speeds, worldwide.

Users are in full control of their funds until they decide to pay for something, and everything they earn on any platform is immediately available for them to do as they wish with it. All from only one account connected to as many apps, games and websites as they wish!

The Secret Formula

You might be wondering “how is this possible if big companies haven’t figured it out yet?”. Our secret is that we’ve taken the best traits of both fintech and crypto apps, and got rid of their downsides.

The user experience and the familiarity of apps like Venmo or Cash App, but with all the power and efficiency of the best blockchain technology.

This is the biggest breakthrough in online payments since PayPal.

The Next Phase, HandCash 5.0

HandCash was originally founded in 2018 as a very easy to use Bitcoin wallet. In fact, it pioneered and redefined many aspects of usability that most of the cryptocurrency industry adopted over the years: the ability to “connect your wallet”, replacing long crypto addresses with usernames or creating a clever keyless system so users don’t lose access to their funds.

Over the years, we have learned a lot of lessons and have talked to many companies and users about what they need in order to use this fantastic technology we have created in their daily lives:

  • Use currencies that businesses want to accept, such as US Dollars instead of cryptocurrency tokens.
  • Add deposits and withdrawals with traditional payment systems.
  • Expand the number of things you can do and buy with the wallet.

HandCash 5.0 has been redesigned from the ground up. It will bring connected apps and QR scan codes front-and-center, as they are the two main features from which all utility starts.

The popular USDC stablecoin issued by Circle will be the default currency used within our ecosystem, effectively allowing developers building on HandCash, and users to interact and reach a vast and ever-growing ecosystem of platforms, services and point of sale systems that are compatible with Circle’s incredible USD Coin.

Streaming USDC across apps and games, at lightning speeds... We can’t wait to see it fully fledged in all its glory!

OK I’m sold — when!?

HandCash 5.0 will launch in December 20th, 2022 on Android, iOS and Web App. We will share a lot of information in the coming weeks, explaining all the coming features, so stay tuned!

Don’t worry, you only need to update the app. Even though it feels very different, you can use the same account.

Get ready

Users: Download HandCash for Android or iPhone and sign up today!
Developer: Embed lightning quick payments in your apps with our SDK.
Merchant: Add delightful QR code payments on any platform with our API.