HandCash is all about streaming money across apps and games

It’s all about Apps

3 min readDec 12, 2022


We recently posted an article on why the ability to Stream Money is what makes HandCash different from other money & crypto apps. Being able to pay for content by the cent, by the second, opens the door to all kinds of new businesses models and microservices (GPT3 anyone?).

AI microservices are a perefect fit for HandCash’ streaming money capabilities

All these fantastic use cases need to have their own environment, UI and context, we don’t want to overcrowd our app with tons of features, but rather, empower companies and independent developers with our tools.

Connect Apps

By using our Connect SDK and also our recently launched HandCash Pay API, developers can integrate micropayments into their apps in a matter of minutes, like our CEO Alex Agut and CTO Rafa Jiménez demonstrated in a recent livestream where they built an app from scratch in a couple of hours. Here’s the video to the recorded stream, it was hilarious!

HandCash App Gallery: the distribution platform for Connect Apps

App Gallery

The same way Apple and Google offer app stores as a distribution platform to promote all the fantastic apps and games on their ecosystems, HandCash has its own HandCash App Gallery, and you can find it in this link.

Developers love it because they can access a user base of over 100K+ users at launch, as we give visibility for their projects the moment they’re ready!

Users can go to the App Gallery from the HandCash Wallet’s Apps section — except on iPhone — browse the rapidly growing catalog of available apps, and in just one tap sign-up by using their HandCash accounts, very similar to “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google”, but with payments!

Haste allows users to sign up in one click with HandCash — identity & wallet all in one!


It’s pretty well known to our followers that we’ve had issues when submitting our app to Apple’s AppStore, ultimately forcing us to remove the Apps section entirely for iPhone users.

This will get a lot better on HandCash 5.0 which is about to be launched in December 20th, but here’s a list of tips on how you can still get the full HandCash experience on iPhone:

  1. In Safari, go to https://handcash.io/gallery
  2. Tap on the share icon, then “Add to Home Screen” and “Add”
  3. Browse the list of available apps, launch them and when you are asked to “Connect your wallet” it will open your HandCash wallet app on your iPhone at the authentication page. Accept the connection and you’re set!
  4. You can find — and launch! — all of the apps you’ve connected to on the Account section, next to settings, in an option called “Connected Apps”.

5.0 and Beyond

On December 20th 2023, we are set to launch HandCash 5.0 with multicurrency support, beginning with the addition of USDC into the HandCash ecosystem.

This iteration is set to be the most important to date, and will better reflect our plans for the future, making HandCash not just a more desirable and easy to use money app, but also turn Connect Apps into the main feature. It was always the case to us, but the UI was not making it obvious.

As we also expect some pushback from Apple, we’ve tried to be more subtle in our approach and also will insist very frequently to iPhone users that the App Gallery is the epicenter of all things HandCash.

Proof of this is our recently created Linktr.ee account, which will help users to get started with a very simple and effective profile page to all things HandCash: from the App Gallery, to the best resources for developers to create their own Connect Apps in no time.