Easily add payments literally anywhere, with no base fee

Introducing HandCash Pay



HandCash makes money go live. We are all about streaming money over the Internet. HandCash Pay makes it more accessible than ever before!

HandCash Pay allows companies to explore new revenue streams by adding payments with no base fee, on literally any platform.

Easily generate payment links and QR code payments that can be displayed on any device or shared on social media with an interactive preview. Users can tap these link to open a payment request on their HandCash Wallet.

Streaming money over the Internet just became easier!

The Key Ingredients

Don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of this unique payment system — the devil is in the details. There are some key elements that make HandCash Pay a unique value proposition for all kinds of companies:

  • USDC focused: Although the final launch of USDC on HandCash is still a few weeks away, this new payment system aims to become a hub for online USDC payments. Which means that by adding HandCash Pay to your site, app, game, slot machine or kiosk, you will be ready to accept USDC payments coming from any compatible blockchain. That’s pretty cool given the growth of the USDC ecosystem! For now however, only BSV payments will work with HandCash Pay.
  • Bypass traditional financial systems: All payments are peer-to-peer, which means that money is never handled or held by a third party company or bank. This enables our payments to be efficient and instant. Not only will it feel instant, like with other payment processors, but funds will also be immediately available to the receiver.
  • Micropayments: Most credit card companies charge around 2.5% on top of a base fee of $0.30 — this is what makes micropayments inviable on the Internet. By removing the base fee, companies can explore additional business models like pay-to-read or pay-to-play.
  • Pay-to-Many: With the ability to pay multiple recipients at once, every single payment can be split according to your business rules. So when the transaction is triggered, you can send a fee for yourself, add some referral payouts or even reward your top customers, content creators or content curators. All of that happenning live. Endless possibilities!
  • No chargebacks: Unlike with credit card payments, our transactions cannot be reversed. We know how big of an issue this is for companies.
  • Request user info: You can pay users using their email address, phone number, HandCash $handle, and in the near future, even their shipping address as well. So in one click you can enroll them in your selling funnel, or just follow up with any business rules you deem convenient.
  • Trigger events: It’s so easy to add HandCash Pay to your business flows thanks to its webhooks. You’ll get instantly notified when the payment is confirmed, so you can trigger any business rules needed, like sending an email, unlocking premium content or redirecting customers to another site. This makes it perfect for integrations with third party platforms such as WordPress, Zapier, etc.

Solid alternative to subscriptions and ads

Allow visitors to pay to read or watch your premium content and don’t leave money on the table

People already spend too much money on subscriptions, and it’s very hard to sell them on another one. The average household in the US spends over $200 per month in subscriptions. Most premium content platforms either use a subscription or are full of annoying ads.

With HandCash Pay you can have an alternative or additional payment method for your customers. Because we do not charge a base fee per payment, content platforms can just ask visitors to pay a few cents to enjoy a particular article or video without annoying them with tons of ads, or turn them off with monthly subscription fees.

Don’t leave money on the table! Turn your internet traffic into cash today by adding HandCash Pay to your website.

Social media becomes your marketplace

Social media is your new marketplace

Sell digital content or physical items directly (when shipping address’ get enabled) by sharing payment links on social media. People can scan a QR code and authorize the payment, or send payments via email instead. You can then redirect them to any website you like.

Not just for the virtual world

Accept payments on any device with a screen. Soon with USDC too!

HandCash Pay is a fantastic checkout option for all kinds of slot machines, restaurant kiosks or arcade machines. The combination of instant confirmations, no chargebacks, small fees, and compatibility with USDC is unbeatable.

Get started today!

Visit handcash.io/developers/pay and sign up on our Developer Dashboard to get started. You only need to create your first app to get the API keys, and then just follow our documentation — it’s that easy!