HandCash is adding native 1Sat Ordinals support for users and developers

Introducing HandCash Items

3 min readMar 31, 2023


Over the last few years, NFTs have made a big splash within the cryptocurrency space and attracted widespread adoption across mainstream industries and users. Although digital items have existed for decades, NFT technology introduces a new level of tangibility where the items are freely sent, used and exchanged outside the context of any closed system or app.

We at HandCash have observed this NFT trend for years and have seen the positive impact it’s had on user experience. During this time, we’ve kept our heads down, focused on delivering the most robust payments’ infrastructure in the industry. Now, we believe it is time to extend further support to this new class of virtual assets.

It’s important to note that NFTs do already live on HandCash, through a robust token platform known as Asset Layer (read here about how Asset Layer is different).

However, we’ve continued to see parallel demand for native HandCash NFT solutions. Soon, we will be delivering our own set of easy-to-use tools to manage and customize NFTs, while maintaining our commitment to solving all technical blockchain hurdles, with the ultimate goal of empowering everyday people.

Introducing HandCash Items.

Items are a portable, scalable and fun solution to manage digital assets and power virtual economies across the internet. As an app creator, the possibilities are unbounded as HandCash provides easy functions to inscribe items with any type of data desired along with the infrastructure to connect them across all supporting user-wallets.

Think of being able to enrich your user experience with digital items representing anything valuable across your economy such as in-game items, virtual real estate, skins or even access tokens.

The HandCash Market will provide a quick and easy way to buy and sell Items

User Experience

When it comes to virtual items, it’s all about context. It’s important to know where your items came from and what they are useful for.

In the HandCash app, we’ll be giving both app-segregated management of your items, providing clear context of the origin-app of your tokens.

A full marketplace as well as the permissions and the ability to send items will all be accessible directly from within the wallet, so you are in full control.

Manage, send and list Items right from the wallet app

Finally, it’s important we give credit to the 1Sat Ordinal protocol, Gorilla Pool, & Jungle Bus for making all of this possible. We’ve been waiting for years to see a token protocol standard across BSV to enable truly portable assets across wallets and ecosystems; we believe a critical property of NFTs is the ability for them to be recognized on a universal level.

We also would like to extend a very special thank you to all of our users, apps and connected partners. It’s you who makes our work truly worth it. Thank you!!! Lastly, if you have not done so, now is the time to get involved in the organic growth of this eco-system!! Please join our Discord, and stay tuned for the next release of HandCash Items!