Introducing HandCash for the Web

3 min readFeb 11, 2021
HandCash - beyond your smartphone!

We have always been known for our user experience oriented mobile wallet, with the goal of making Bitcoin easier and more accessible to everyday people with each new version. It’s not just part of our identity — it’s our identity!

With the launch of our 2.5 version back in December 2020, HandCash gained the ability to connect to all kinds of apps and games on any platform. This way, users can sign into all these apps in one click and make their HandCash identities and wallet funds available to all these third party apps, resulting in a much better experience for users and drastic time savings for developers.

But there has been one thing missing: a better way of connecting to apps while you are using your laptop, desktop or even a tablet. There are some apps that truly come alive on a bigger screen, and for that we needed to tailor a product to fit these use cases. Today we are launching HandCash for the Web.

Joining Bitcoin apps just got a lot better!

HandCash is finally everywhere!

HandCash for the Web allows you to use your current HandCash account on any web browser to sign into apps without turning off any of your privacy settings. All while using the same reliable infrastructure, security and convenience features as its mobile counterpart.

This is a big deal for web apps in particular. HandCash for the Web in conjunction with our Connect SDK makes it super convenient for developers to onboard new users as they don’t have to write down and store any set of complicated 12 words or passwords thanks to our Keyless system. Also this brings unmatched performance to their apps, specially to those that are very demanding in terms of transaction volume.

Another benefit is that people with older phones or no access to the Play Store or App Store can finally join HandCash and its Connect ecosystem of apps.

With all this, we can finally claim that our Connect SDK works on any platform as long as it has an internet connection and a web browser.

Got a tablet? HandCash is there too!

Final notes

This first release still does not share feature parity with its mobile counterpart, but all this functionality will be added gradually in following updates.

Also, this is a Keyless-only product, which means that only Keyless accounts work here. If you still haven’t gone Keyless please update your HandCash app and you’ll be guided through the login system to do so — it’s super easy and takes typically under a minute to do.