The digital currency the Internet was waiting for

Introducing Duro: the universal money for apps and games!

The time has come!

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Use Duros and HandCash Connect to create cross-app, cross-border nanopayments
Duro will create a universal pricing system for digital goods and in-app actions

Why this instead of Stablecoins?

  • It makes sense to have only one way of pricing things online when everybody’s using the same currency, regardless of where they live.
  • It opens the door to pricing digital goods with a common denominator in all apps and games we use, breaking away from fake game currencies.
Virtual currencies in games today do not have a real world value. Duro do!


How it works


Phase 1

  • This is an experimental phase, we will gather feedback from real world usage to polish the experience before it becomes the default way HandCash works.
  • We’ll measure the levels of acceptance not just from users but also from app developers. This only matters if the market agrees it is a good solution.
  • We think this idea is so good we’re not forcing it on people. Therefore we will be adding a “Duro mode” inside of you HandCash app settings. This mode makes Duro the main currency for the app.

Phase 2

  • If Phase 1 is satisfactory, we’ll make Duro the default currency denomination of HandCash and gather more feedback.
  • We expect at this time HandCash will already have the fiat ramps system in place — it will only display Duros against the fiat equivalent and test our hypothesis on liquidity, monetization, etc.
  • We will work with users, developers and companies on style guidelines in order to have a coherent way of promoting and using Duro.

Phase 3

  • If Phase 2 is satisfactory, we will promote the use of Duro to mainstream audience as we think at this point we would have an appealing value proposition without any limitation imposed by cryptocurrencies.

Final thoughts



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