HandCash will be using Tokenized for its Fungible Token Platform

Streaming money

Multicurrency support

Why Tokenized?

  • Interoperability. Tokenized’s open source protocol enables self-hosted wallets to easily integrate with our Fungible Token Platform to deliver world-class payments. Fungible tokens have infinite use cases so it was important for us to allow for unbounded innovation: Anyone can interact with Tokenized’s smart contract agent with a private key from their computer, without permission from HandCash or Tokenized.
  • They provide us with a platform, not a protocol. This means they have already built a lot of infrastructure that we would have had to build by ourselves if we simply picked a protocol. Time to market is essential.
  • Standardized, lightweight and fully-fledged token issuance. Their platform makes this process very easy and regulatory friendly for every single asset we wish to add. This is very important for traceability and auditing.
  • Performance and scalability. Their process of tokenizing transactions fits naturally with our current robust and scalable architecture for regular BSV payments without much modifications. All of the heavy lifting is done on a cloud based smart contract agent that is horizontally scalable.
  • Smart contracts friendly. We can easily do atomic swaps, escrows, payment channels and all kinds of complex payments.
  • The Tokenized team has thought through and already solved situations we would have had found along the road if we decided to do everything for ourselves.
  • And all the people behind it are A+ Players.

Nanopayments go mainstream!



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