HandCash partners with Circle and Fabriik to offer in-app top-ups.

2 min readFeb 24, 2022


HandCash + Circle + Fabriik Weave

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with the the US based payments rail giant Circle and the booming Canadian fintech Fabriik.

We couldn’t have hoped for better partners, really. Two very modern and reputable companies set to change how financial systems work worldwide.

Months ago we reached them both with the UX-first design we had in mind for the fiat ramps system, and they got it immediately. Turns out many of their employees were big fans of HandCash, and needless to say they were super excited to help us make it happen. That was great!

Our goal was to be able to offer an in-app and instant experience but with the liquidity, reliablity and support of the biggest players. We think with this deal we got the best of both worlds, and I am sure you’ll like the result.

It has been a wonderful experience working with both teams and we cannot wait to keep iterating to offer more innovative cash-in cash-out solutions both for users and app developers.

The fiat ramps have been for a long time a big bottleneck not just for us, but specially for our clients. We truly believe the HandCash ecosystem will see a strong growth in terms of users and Connect apps.

We are launching the fiat ramps system today, starting in the United States and expanding to Mexico and other markets shortly after. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram news channel to be the first to know when our fiat ramps system will be available in your region!

I would like to personally thank everyone involved (too many to mention!) for their professionalism. It wasn’t an easy task — and I must recognize we were very demanding, but after a couple of years of struggle we finally built the fiat ramps not just the way we intended, but even better.

The future looks GREEN!


Alex Agut, CEO at HandCash