HandCash partners with Centi to offer Point of Sale payments in Bitcoin SV.

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Swiss startup Centi to offer native Bitcoin SV payments in existing point of sale systems.

Centi’s goal is to integrate seamlessly and effortlessly into existing payment infrastructure, while allowing Bitcoin SV payments to be processed at any terminal and instantly converted into the merchant’s local currency.

This is possible due to the recent growth in popularity of QR Codes outside of Asia, and the Centi team took the opportunity as soon as it was presented.

This standard has always been supported by HandCash, but it was restricted to Bitcoin-to-Bitcoin payments. Our teams have been working closely on creating a handshake system to make Bitcoin-to-Fiat payments a reality.

There are three key advantages of taking is approach:

  • No changes needed to the Point of Sale system’s interface
  • No changes in the user experience on HandCash
  • No training needed for store personnel — in fact, they don’t even know if the payment is been made with Bitcoin. It just works.

Centi has trusted HandCash as its first partner because of its popularity and reputation as fearless innovators.

We believe it is in both companies’ interest to make this handshake protocol available to the rest of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem, so it will become publicly available — along with some wallet libraries and implementation details — after a brief exclusivity period.

Stay tuned for more news on this regard, including the official launch date and the countries where the system will be available.

Thanks team Centi for this opportunity!

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