HandCash goes Keyless!

Tackling a 12 year old problem of Bitcoin

Our experience

Enough is enough

The realization

Requirements for the solution

  • Users don’t have to explicitly take action to back up.
  • Onboarding must become as familiar as any other regular money app.
  • The new system must move all transaction signing operations from the device to the cloud.
  • We wish to remain non-custodial.

Past experiments that didn’t go well for us

Current solutions we don’t like

  • Asking users to scan their faces or setting passwords for encrypting their backup on our servers.
  • Cloud based backups —again: been there, done that. Doesn’t work.
  • Restore a full key on any device or web browser.

Testing our initial hypothesis

The Solution

OK But how does it work?

Why the insistence in remaining non-custodial?

Connect is Fully Keyless


Final words from Alex Agut, CEO of HandCash



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